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Added "Level of the Month" to Escape Goat page

As the title describes. Added a Level of the Month section in hopes that it will maybe somehow get people to try their hand at making a level.


Terrastasia Updated Again

I'm sorry for taking so long! I finally uploaded Will's chapter as a whole.

It's just REALLY boring to update that thing, sorry!


Terrastasia Updated Heavily

I've been making a small webcomic, as you might have noticed, about some people suddenly being thrust into videogame logic and fighting Imps and stuff

(please, I know what it sounds like, no it isn't related to THAT). I forgot to put anything about it here in the updates section,

but here we are, one day late of when I shoulda done this (currently as I write it's 6/18/2022 whoops).

The original javascript for the comic sucked so I redid all of it to be way better,

also sections 0 and 1 are fully uploaded. Soon section 2 will be uploaded partially, section 3 will be set up for, and section 2 will finish (I think most likely in that order).


My Site is Slightly Less Ugly Now

For anyone who has seen this website, yes I too have been incredibly annoyed at how the top bar buttons looked. I finally fixed them! They aren't centered but... I fixed them!

Also I made the logo work. I swear, it looked fine on *my* monitor!


The First King is Crowned, and a Discord is Born

Please consider joining the Discord, it's really cool I swear! In other news, congratulations to RolinGP3 for being the first king to stand on the hill of Escape Goat levels!


Started the Escape Goat Contest

In King of the Hill style format, this forever contest sees like 3 random strangers duking it out to make the best Escape Goat level... maybe.


Added 88x31 Button & Scroll Bar

Made an 88x31 button and added a scroll bar to the updates section (this thing!).


Updated the "Games I Like" Page

The "Games I Like" page was updated.


Charbomber's Zone is Created

This site was created on 3/29/2022.

(Here's an 88x31 button.)

It broke! :(

(Here's a worse one.)

It broke! :(